Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toowit Toowoo Team Intro

Still not allowed to upload the film yet, but here's the intro. We enjoyed making this and will try to do something cooler for next year. Film is coming up this weekend hopefully, so here's the intro for now:

Toowit Toowoo Intro from Toowit Toowoo on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Keeping Station: Behind the scenes of our new film

As you may or may not know, last week I was involved in the annual V48Hours Film Contest here in New Zealand, which gives you from Friday evening to Sunday evening to make a short film using a number of compulsory elements. There is to be no story making or shooting prior to this weekend, which makes it a huge challenge, and a lot of fun!

Our team, Toowit Toowoo, consisting of about 11 core members, did a mixed-media film largely based around marionette puppets made of paper! We also incorporated 3D and lots of visual effect.

The 2 minute long film we made, 'Keeping Station' will premiere at the Academy theater in Auckland during the 21st heat of the competition on Sunday. A few weeks after that, we will pop it online and I will link it from here.

Here's the poster:
Film Poster

And for now, enjoy some Making Of photos we took during the weekend:

Setting up our hardest shot
Some dramatic lighting
Our director thinking hard

Some discussions about VFX shots